Well Pump Services in Lebanon, Cleona & Central Pennsylvania

Keep your well in good working order with quality plumbing solutions from G.F. Bowman, Inc.

Having a well on your property is a convenient and essential asset to have if you live in a rural area. Not only does it offer you easy access to clean water, but it’s always fresh and you know exactly where it’s coming from. When the time comes for well pump repair or installation, however, who do you call? G.F. Bowman, Inc. is here to assist you with all of your well pump needs. Our friendly team members are standing by ready to assist you! With over 50 years of plumbing experience in Lebanon and Cleona, PA we know the best practices for keeping your well properly maintained for a healthy and happy home.

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What is a Well Pump?

A well pump is a mechanism that brings the water up from the well into your home. This essentially replaced the old bucket and rope procedure that was once common. Wells have been a way for people to collect clean drinking water for centuries. With modern advances, however, we no longer have to turn a crank and lug around a heavy bucket.

There are many different types and models of well pumps that are available to you. Choosing one can depend on your budget, type of well, and personal preference.

Choosing the Right Type of Well Pump

If the time comes that you need to install a well pump, you’ll have plenty of options. Our plumbing contractors can help you choose what’s right for your home, with options including:

  • Jet Pumps: A jet pump is operated by suction. The suction essentially pulls the water up through the hose and into your home. The pump itself can be mounted either above the well or in your home
  • Submersible Pumps: A submersible pump has two parts. One that goes into the water, and the power source that is out of the water. With these systems, water is propelled up through piping to where the water is needed.
  • Shallow Well Pumps: A shallow well pump is exactly as what it sounds like. It can either be a submersible or jet pump, but it is specifically designed for wells that are shallow, or 25 feet or less.
  • Deep Well Pumps: Just as shallow well pumps are for shallow wells, the same holds true for deep well pumps. These pumps are more complicated but essentially work like jet pumps, except that the jet impeller is located outside of the motor and placed deep within the well.

Well pump repair and installation services are complex and must be handled by a professional. Because it’s related to your clean water supply, any mistake could leave your home dealing with contaminated water, a major concern for any homeowner.

We also offer water filtration systems for clean, healthy water!

Work With the Pros

G.F. Bowman, Inc. is your experienced well pump repair and installation company. Since opening our doors in 1967, we’ve provided countless homes with expert well pump services throughout the Lebanon and Cleona, PA area. By offering personalized service, flat-rate pricing, and the highest quality parts, you can rest assured that your new well pump will work properly to provide you and your family with a quality source of water for your home.

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