Geothermal Heating System Services in Harrisburg & Central Pennsylvania

Harness the power of the earth to heat your home comfortably and conveniently!

Most homeowners in the Harrisburg, PA area have heard of traditional heating methods like furnaces and heat pumps, but for those looking for an environmentally-friendly option, geothermal heating systems may be the answer. Using the heat produced naturally underground, you can easily keep your home warm and comfortable even with winter temperatures raging outdoors. G.F. Bowman, Inc. is one of the leading geothermal heating companies throughout the area. From designing the underground elements to installing it in your home, we’re your partners for a comfortable home.

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What is Geothermal Heating?

Geothermal heating and cooling units use a series of underground pipes, water, and the earth’s consistent underground temperatures to keep your home comfortable. In the winter months, cold water is sent underground via a pipe and absorbs heat from underground. That warmed water then makes its way indoors to a compressor that then converts that heat into warm air for your home.

During the summer months, that process is reversed. Using those same loops of pipe, the hot water drops in temperature as it runs underground, and then is able to convert into cool air as it enters your home.

While your traditional AC or furnace changes the temperature of the air physically using either a heating element or freon inside the evaporator coils, geothermal heating systems exchanges heat naturally, helping you cut down on costs, while still offering improved air quality and airflow.

What Are the Benefits of a Geothermal Heating and Cooling System?

Investing in any heating system for your home can be an undertaking, but geothermal system installations have many benefits. The following are some of the key advantages for these modern units:

  • Green Alternative: Geothermal heating systems are one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to regulate temperatures inside your home. Because they heat and cool naturally through the temperatures underground, there are no byproducts created, as there would be in your traditional system.
  • Energy Savings: As mentioned above, geothermal heating systems don’t forcibly heat any air entering your home. This cuts down on the amount of energy used to regulate temperature, helping you save on your energy utilities.
  • Quiet Operation: Virtually silent during operation, there are very few moving parts in the entire process. Most of the action happens underground, allowing you to enjoy consistent temperatures without disruptive operational noise.
  • Longer Lifespan: Your HVAC system has a lot of moving parts that can all deteriorate with age. With a simple heat exchange system, your geothermal heating installation could last you twice as long, if not more, as your existing AC or furnace.
  • Added Safety: If you currently have a gas-powered furnace or water heater in your home, you understand that there’s inherent risk while operating these systems. Geothermal systems don’t require combustion while operating, reducing the danger for your home and family.

Whether you want to go green or save money without sacrificing comfort, a geothermal heating system is one of the best ways to do it. Best of all, G.F. Bowman, Inc. is your local expert, making installation simple and convenient.

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Why Work With G.F. Bowman, Inc.?

Geothermal heating systems can offer plenty of benefits, but without the right installation and care, it can become a problem. At G.F. Bowman, Inc. we are the leading geothermal heating installation experts in the Harrisburg, PA area. From installation to repairs, and even routine upkeep, we offer stress-free and environmentally-friendly solutions to all your heating and cooling needs.

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