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Improve your air quality and healthy with expert air cleaning and filtration solutions from G.F. Bowman, Inc.

The air quality inside of your home is integral to your comfort and health, yet many homeowners ignore it on a daily basis. If you’re prone to forgetting to replace your air filter or you simply don’t know where to start on your air filtration needs, G.F. Bowman, Inc. is here to help. As one of the top-rated air conditioning companies in and around Harrisburg, PA, we have over 50 years of experience helping homeowners install new air filtration systems. From air purifiers to UV air sanitizers, our expert staff has a quality solution for your home.

Air Scrubber by Aerus

For the cleanest air possible, G.F. Bowman, Inc. can help you install an Air Scrubber by Aerus. Using a special UV light and photocatalyst target to create an advanced oxidation process, The Air Scrubber reduces odors, visible smoke, and microbial populations in the air and on all surfaces!

The Certified Space Technology used in the Air Scrubber is the very same technology used to purify the air on the International Space Station. It’s installed directly in your duct system so that it can continuously protect your home from harmful allergens and other pollutants. Give us a call today to get the Bowman Team working for you and your air quality!

Learn about Air Scrubber's ActivePure TechnologyClick here to view Air Scrubber specifications

Worried that your air quality issues go beyond a dirty filter? Our experienced staff offers thorough air conditioning repair and tune-up services to help.

How Poor Air Can Affect You and Your Home

Breathing in poor-quality air on a regular basis for a prolonged amount of time can be seriously detrimental to a person’s health. Outside of health concerns like higher rates of asthma, allergies, and other respiratory ailments, it can also harm your air conditioner as well. Those same impurities that irritate your lungs can irritate the internal components of your AC.

Over time, this can translate into higher energy costs, more frequent repairs, and an overall decline in the indoor air quality of your home. By choosing a whole-home air filtration system, you can enjoy considerable benefits like:

  • Stronger airflow thanks to fewer impurities blocking the filter
  • Less dust throughout the home
  • Lower energy costs thanks to the more efficient performance
  • Longer air conditioner lifespan

What Types of Systems You Can Use

There are many types of air purifiers you can use. While there are portable, ionic air purifiers (which do not qualify as “whole-home” units for obvious reasons), you can get a system that works for your entire home. These include:

  • Whole-Home Systems: These units passively take in and purify the air that is then circulated throughout your home. Usually installed in a home’s ductwork, they work anytime your air conditioner is turned on.
  • Flat Filters (Standard Filters): Flat filters are part of forced-air furnaces and air conditioners. Located toward the bottom of the unit, these filters work to attract allergens, dander, hair, and skin cells. Because they’re often saturated with dust, dirt, and debris and need to be replaced every few months.
  • UV Air Sanitizers: UV filters actually use ultraviolet light to eliminate dust and dirt from the air. They are particularly effective against viruses and bacteria and can sanitize a large area in a very short amount of time.

Depending on the conditions inside your home and your existing health concerns, our air quality experts can help you choose the best air filtration system for your home and budget.

Worried you might forget to replace your air filter? Let our pros help with routine air conditioning and heating tune-ups you can schedule ahead of time.

We’re Here to Help You

Our G.F. Bowman, Inc. team has been serving the people of Harrisburg, PA since 1967. Every home is different, as are the needs of our customers. That’s why we always go above and beyond to find your personalized whole-home air filtration system options for your budget and needs. Whether pet dander is causing allergies or you want to cut down on dust, we can help you find that sweet spot for the best indoor air quality in your home.

From UV Air sanitizers to whole-home air filtration systems, G.F. Bowman, Inc. is your reliable indoor air quality specialist. Call or text us at (717) 409-3164 to learn more about your options.