Air Conditioning Installation Services in Harrisburg & Central Pennsylvania

Is your air conditioner past its prime? Let G.F. Bowman, Inc. help with our expert AC installation services.

Unfortunately, even the best air conditioners on the market have a limited shelf life. Like any other electrical appliance, air conditioners eventually fail beyond repair, leaving you struggling to find a replacement. At G.F. Bowman, Inc. we’re here to help. As your reliable AC installation company, we can help you find a replacement that not only works to cool your home but also is an improvement over your previous system. We specialize in high-efficiency air conditioner upgrades, ensuring you’re keeping your Harrisburg, PA home cool, while also adding some savings to your monthly energy costs.

Think your AC still has some life left? We can make the most of your time with top-quality AC repair and maintenance services too!

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC

While many homeowners continue to repair their air conditioner indefinitely, at some point, opting for air conditioning replacement may be the better option. If you’re dealing with any of the following, it may be time to consider a change.

  • Loud Operation: Your air conditioner may not be the quietest appliance in your home, but any noises outside of the norm could be an indication of a mechanical issue. Grinding, banging, and screeching could all signify a loose component inside your unit that’s causing damage.
  • Poor Air Circulation: Every room in your home should have a steady supply of cold air. If there are certain areas that get little to no airflow, your unit might not be able to handle the demands of your home anymore.
  • High Energy Usage: Air conditioners are known for their energy usage, especially during the summer months. However, steadily increasing energy costs could be a sign there’s a bigger concern.
  • Older System: Your unit has a life expectancy. While you can extend that with routine maintenance and upkeep, at some point, and outdated air conditioner will need replacement.
  • Ongoing Repairs: A repair can be a great way to get your AC back up and running. But if your repairs are becoming more and more frequent, at some point, you’ll cover the cost of a newer, more energy-efficient unit.

Air conditioning replacement doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. Not only will it resolve many of your cooling concerns, but with a new system in place, you’ll enjoy improved airflow, lower energy costs, and add some considerable value to your home as well. As your AC installation contractors, we can help you find the right unit for your budget and home needs, and get it installed promptly.

Choosing the Right AC Unit for Your Home

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right AC unit for your home. Perhaps you’d like the convenience of a central AC unit, but you own an older home without the proper ductwork. There are also single room AC’s and wall mounted units to consider too. With so many options to choose from, working with an AC installation company is always the best way to get personalized solutions. When choosing, be sure to consider:

  • The size of your home
  • Your existing system (is there ductwork in place?)
  • The budget for your project
  • The type of system you want
  • The energy efficiency of your new system

At G.F. Bowman, Inc., we can help you through the entire process. We specialize in high-efficiency air conditioner upgrades, which means you get a high-quality replacement for your old central air conditioner. Since we are a Carrier factory authorized dealer, you can trust that the unit you chose for installation in your home will be the best on the market.

Not sure if a central air conditioning replacement is right for you? Consider an alternative for your heating and cooling needs like a ductless mini split AC system!

Cooling Experts at Your Service

At G.F. Bowman, Inc., we are your local central AC installation and replacement experts. We will help you make an informed decision when it’s time to select your AC unit. Our technician's factor in the area that you want to cool, the advanced features you want your system to have, your energy expenditures, and your budget.

With over 50 years of local expertise, we’ve been voted Best of Lebanon 9 years running. When you need quality solutions, get the Bowman team working for you!

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