Heat Pump Services in Harrisburg & Central Pennsylvania

Enjoy energy-saving comfort and warmth with a heat pump installation from G.F. Bowman, Inc.

Heating your Harrisburg, PA home can be a challenge, both financially and mechanically on the part of your existing heating system. Luckily, there’s an alternative to home heating that can help you save on energy costs without sacrificing performance. Heat pump installation, done by our expert contractors at G.F. Bowman, Inc., can be the answer to your heating needs. These systems work in any condition, offering you an alternative to both heating and cooling. Whether you’ve never heard of them before or you already have one and need help with your existing system, our pros are here to help.

Sticking with a traditional furnace? Make sure it’s working at its best with annual furnace tune-up services.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Understanding how heat pumps work is the best way to explain why you’ll save money on energy costs. While your traditional HVAC system cools and heats by changing the temperature of the air, using either some type of heating element or evaporator coil, heat pumps work by moving air around your home.

When the temperatures are low, your heat pump will gather warm air from around the lowest parts of the air outside your home, and bring that warmth inside. If the temperatures are hot indoors, they’ll do the reverse, moving some of the hot air out.

In turn, this gives you energy-efficient heating and cooling with improved air comfort to boot!

Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are generally considered to be eco-friendly and extremely energy-efficient. If you’re on the fence as to whether this unit is right for your home, consider the benefits, including:

  • Lower Energy Costs: As previously explained, heat pumps move air instead of conditioning it. This cuts one of the most energy-consuming parts of the heating and cooling process, helping you save with every usage.
  • Improved Air Quality: If your air is stuffy or overly dry, then a heat pump could be a welcomed change. By keeping some of the moisture in the air, you’ll actually notice improved comfort in your home.
  • Dual Function: If your home has a furnace and air conditioner, you can now consolidate your HVAC efforts into one unit. Heat pumps work for both heating and cooling, helping you save space in your home.
  • Quieter Operation: When compared to traditional central HVAC units, heat pumps have tested to be quieter, making them a bit more relaxing for your home.

As your heat pump contractors of choice, we can help you find the right unit for your home and get it installed seamlessly. Our goal is to help you keep your home and family comfortable while enjoying energy savings!

At G.F. Bowman, Inc. we also offer alternative heating solutions including geothermal heating systems, which uses heat from the earth to warm your home. Be sure to ask how today!

Why Choose Us?

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Every project is unique and is given the same amount of attention and respect as the project before it and the one that will follow. Our technicians have been recognized for their wide breadth of knowledge, friendly attitude and attention to detail.

If keeping your home safe and comfortable is your top priority, then we can help. With our heat pump installation services, you’ll enjoy consistent temperatures in any weather, ensuring you always have peace of mind and comfort in your home.

Enjoy warmer temperatures for a fraction of the cost by working with our heat pump contractors. Call or text us at (717) 409-3164 to learn more about your options and schedule service in the Harrisburg, PA area.