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Making sure the air in your home is clean and safe to breathe is of the utmost importance. Whether you live by yourself or are raising a family in Lebanon or Cleona, PA, everyone deserves to breathe clean air. Our contractors can help make sure your home’s air is as clean as possible with our air cleaning and filtration services. We’ll walk you through the process of deciding the best filter for your home and needs along with assisting in the installation process. Voted the Best of Lebanon for nine years running, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the quality services you deserve in your home.


The iWave is an air-purifying device that installs in any air conditioning system. When air passes over the iWave, ions produced by the device reduce pathogens, allergens, particles, smoke, and odors in the air, creating a healthy environment without producing any harmful byproducts.

The Bowman Team is currently offering a special price of $625 for the installation of an iWave Air Purifier. You do not want to miss out on this amazing price. Call us today! For more information about the iWave air cleaner click here or watch the video below!

Air Scrubber by Aerus

For the cleanest air possible, G.F. Bowman, Inc. in Cleona can help you install a new Air Scrubber by Aerus. Using a special UV light and photocatalyst target to create an advanced oxidation process, The Air Scrubber reduces odors, visible smoke, and microbial populations in the air and on all surfaces!

The Certified Space Technology used in the Air Scrubber is the very same technology used to purify the air on the International Space Station. It’s installed directly in your air duct system so that it can continuously protect your home from harmful allergens and other pollutants. Give us a call today to get the Bowman Team working for you and your air quality!

Learn about Air Scrubber's ActivePure TechnologyClick here to view Air Scrubber specifications

Be sure your air conditioner is doing its part in keeping your air clean. Schedule ongoing AC maintenance with our pros today!

How Can Poor Air Quality Affect Your Home?

Poor air quality in your home can cause a number of health issues for you and your family. Many of these can be easily avoided with the installation of the right air filtration system. For many, poor air quality can cause minor issues like slight irritation of the airways or mild headaches. However, depending on what’s in your air, more serious problems can also occur, like nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath.

Also, poor air quality can impact your air conditioner as well. The more impurities, dust, and grime make their way into your air conditioner, the harder your unit has to work to properly cool your home. Eventually, this can translate into higher energy costs and a shorter lifespan for your air conditioner.

Because air quality can have such an impact on you and your home, it’s important to focus on choosing the right air filtration system.

Common Types of Air Filtration Systems

Once you’ve decided to take air quality in your home more seriously, you’ll need to decide which air filtration system is right for you. Thankfully, our technicians can help. Some of your options include:

  • Flat Filter: This is the most basic of filters, and if you have a central HVAC in your home you likely already have one installed. These are primarily designed to filter larger dust particles, preventing them from landing on your evaporator coils.
  • Extended Media Filters: These filters are essentially a stack of flat filters and can filter out a bit more than a single flat filter can. They are still not the best at getting the smaller particles and bacteria, however.
  • Electronic Filters: These filters use electric charges to attract and trap particles. They’re able to address smaller particles, like pet dander and pollen, making them a better choice over your traditional air filter.
  • Ultraviolet Filters: The most thorough in the germs and pathogens department, ultraviolet filters act as a UV air sanitizer, zapping microorganisms and bacteria with UV rays.

No matter which air cleaner you choose for your home, opting for a whole-home air filtration system is the best way to enjoy long-term results. These systems are integrated right into your air handler, conditioning all air before it enters your home.

Now that your air quality is at its best, be sure that your unit is distributing air properly throughout your home. Schedule an air handler inspection today!

We’re Here to Help

At G.F. Bowman, Inc. we’re dedicated to finding the best solutions for your Cleona home. Although air quality is not always a top priority for homeowners, it should be. Not only will it help you feel healthier and breathe easier, but also it can improve your energy savings too. If you’re not sure where to start or need help to choose the right filtration system for your home, be sure to talk to our pros and get some guidance today!

As the indoor comfort leader in the Lebanon and Cleona, PA area, G.F. Bowman, Inc. is here to help with all your air filtration needs. From whole-home air filtration system or to UV air sanitizers, call or text us at (717) 376-3303 to learn more.