HVAC Zoning Services in Harrisburg & Central Pennsylvania

Make the most of your home’s heating and cooling system with expert HVAC zoning solutions.

Interested in having HVAC zoning work done in your home, such as zone heating and cooling retrofits? Look no further than G.F. Bowman, Inc. your trusted Harrisburg, PA HVAC professional. We can help you create the ideal system for your comfort. Whether you’re looking to save on energy costs, increase airflow to specific areas of your home, or simply get the ultimate control over your heating and cooling needs, a zone air conditioning system is the best way to achieve this goal.

Still looking to add airflow to other areas of your home? A ductless mini split AC system may be able to help!

What is HVAC Zoning?

HVAC zoning is the process of dividing your home into zones where you can adjust the temperature and airflow as needed. With this system, each zone can be programmed differently, allowing you to customize temperatures as needed. Have a family member that’s always cold and one that’s always warm? Now they can both be accommodated without the need for independent fans or space heaters.

While these systems can work for just about anyone, they’re particularly useful for larger homes. By using HVAC zone dampeners, which cut off airflow to specific areas of your home, you can easily lower your energy costs without affecting your comfort in any way.

What Are the Benefits of a Dual Zone System?

Creating a dual zone HVAC system may seem like a complex job, but it’s simpler than you think. With a little help from our zone heating and cooling retrofit experts at G.F. Bowman, Inc., you can enjoy plenty of benefits, including:

  • Simple Integration: With an HVAC zoning retrofit, you don’t have to buy a completely new system. Instead, HVAC zone dampeners are added to your existing ductwork as a way to seal off and control the airflow coming through your home.
  • Improved Airflow: By restricting the airflow to certain areas of your home, your HVAC zoning system can improve airflow where you need it most. Have an area in your home that’s always warm? Create an independent zone for it, and direct all airflow into that room for improved comfort.
  • Lower Energy Costs: By adjusting your existing ductwork to heat or cool specific areas of your home, you can help reduce energy costs. Because your HAVC system won’t have to cool your entire home, your air conditioner will work less, adding savings to your budget too!

In all, an HVAC zoning system is a simple and effective way of taking control of your heating and cooling needs. By retrofitting your existing ductwork and HVAC system, you can easily create zones in your home for the best in comfort and convenience.

Worried that your ductwork may be too old to handle a retrofit? We also offer air duct repair services to get your home ready!

Why Choose Us?

Although HVAC zoning systems offer convenient temperature control, you still need experienced technicians to create that system for you. At G.F. Bowman, Inc., we have over 50 years of local expertise in the Harrisburg, PA area. We know the most common types of ductwork found in homes in your area and can complete a zone heating and cooling retrofit quickly and conveniently.

Be sure to schedule an inspection for your home today, and find out if you could benefit from a zoning system.

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