Water Filtration Services in Harrisburg & Central Pennsylvania

Enjoy crisp and clean water quality with water filtration system installation by G.F. Bowman, Inc. your Harrisburg water quality pros.

As most homeowners can agree, we enjoy filtered water, and we are aware of its health benefits. When we drink unfiltered water, we’re often exposed to certain impurities that can be detrimental to our health or have an unpleasant aftertaste. Filtering water is an easy way to fix this problem. But what happens when you want to upgrade your system to cover your entire home? G.F. Bowman, Inc. is here to help! We are your reliable, professional installer of whole house water filtration systems in the Harrisburg, PA area. From designing your new system to completing the installation and upkeep, you can count on our plumbers for cleaner water with every pour!

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What Are the Benefits of Filtration?

Simply looking at some of the minerals and elements removed during the filtration process gives you a good understanding of some of the health benefits of drinking pure water. Some of the pollutants that may be in your water supply include:

  • Aluminum, calcium, and other minerals
  • Arsenic
  • Fluoride
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Possible runoff from nearby factories

The major concern for many homeowners in the Harrisburg area is that impurities find their way into your water supply before arriving at your home. Installing a filtration system is the last line of defense for your home.

What Type of Water Filtration System is Right for You?

While most homes use a point of use filter, like those attached to your kitchen sink, you could be doing more to filter your home's water supply. Some whole house water filtration systems include:

  • Reverse Osmosis filters
  • Carbon Filters
  • Water Ionizers
  • Ozone Purification

Each system uses a different method of filtration, but they all work to clean your water as a whole. This means removing impurities, lowering the mineral count in the water, and leaving you with a water supply that tastes better and is safer for your plumbing. If you’re not sure which filtration method is right for you, be sure to schedule an inspection with our expert plumbers.

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Why Choose Our Pros?

At G.F. Bowman, Inc., we are your local whole house water filtration system installation and repair experts. With over 50 years of local expertise, we understand the type of water that’s entering your home and can help you find the correct filtration method. Whether it’s a reverse osmosis filter installation or a carbon-based filter, you can count on us to work within your budget and home needs.

Worried about the quality of your drinking water? Call text us at (717) 409-3164 and learn more about our whole house water filtration systems today!